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Buying a Condo Off-The-Plan in Canada

Buying a condo off-the-plan is the best way to own a home in Canada. The best thing about buying off-the-plan is the fact that you get a chance to pay in installments. Buying condo cash can be expensive and especially when you live in big cities.

Using the off-the-plan method gives you the flexibility to pay for the home in bits. There are many developers selling homes in Canada, and it might be difficult to make a choice. However, there are various tips to help you choose the best condo to buy:


condo exteriorWhen looking for a condo, location is everything. With condos, you get limited space, but you have access to live in major cities. Before you buy a condo, make sure that it is located in an ideal location. The condo should be located in an area with the right amenities.

For instance, the condo should be near schools, hospitals and shopping destination. With a good location, you can easily walk to school or even to your place of work. You can learn more about this listing before making a choice. A condo in a good location will also attract renters in case you decide to sell it.


It is important to determine the developers who are selling the condo to you. The developers should have a history of developing condos successfully in the past. You can always ask to see the past projects of the developers to determine yourself.

If you feel that the developer is professional, you can go ahead and buy the condo. A good developer will be willing to give you a history of their past projects so that you can make a good decision about buying the condo.

Financial Management

condo interiorWhen buying a condo off-the-plan, financial management is very important. You need to make sure that you understand how the financial management will be done. Some developers will not complete the project on time due to lack of finances.

You can always request to see the financial status of the developer to determine whether they can handle the project.

Property Management

Do not forget to ask about property management. You need to ask about how the condo will be managed once you move in. There are some cases where the developer is involved in the condo management.

However, the developer might hand over the condo to a third party for the management. With a good management company, you will have an easy time living in the condo.…