Sex Education

Most individuals are shy when it comes to the matter of sex. It is difficult for them to raise their opinions on it especially when it comes to their children. In some schools, the topic is banned. It is, however, important that children are given a sense of direction on this issue. There are some benefits of introducing sex eduacation in the school curriculums.

Importance Of Sex Education On Teenagers

Knowledge On Unwanted Pregnancy And Abortion

When teenagers are given advice on sex, they will be able to know that having unprotected sex is not safe. It is hard to prevent them from having sex so they should know how to practice safe sex. Unprotected sex might lead to pregnancy. At a young age, most people will consider having an abortion as a method of eliminating the problem. However, there are dangers that they should be aware of, for example the possibility of being barren because of a failed abortion. With that information in their minds, they will learn to practice safe sex.

Knowledge On Sexually Transmitted Infections

When the teenagers are aware of the risks that come with unprotected sex, they will be able to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases and HIV and AIDS. It is important that the children are taught about sexually transmitted infections so that they can practice safe sex and avoid them. If they contract the diseases, they will be able to know that they are infected and get assistance before the infection becomes worse.


When the teenagers have the knowledge, they are more likely to have sex when they are ready. It will take them a longer time to have sex as compared to their peers who do not have the knowledge they have. They will most likely practice self-control, and they will not cave into peer pressure just to have their virginity broken. This is because they are aware of what sex entails and if it is not safe, the complications that come with it can be life threatening.

Reduced Sexual Exploitation And Abuse

Research shows that relationships education helps to reduce sexual exploitation and harassment. This is because the teenagers can be comfortable with their bodies and feelings and they can talk about them. They can know the different male and female body parts and what they do. Moreover, they are taught which parts are private and public and how to act both in private and public places. With that kind of information, they will be less vulnerable to sexual exploitation and abuse.