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How to Pass a Pre-Employment Drug Test

We understand how stressful it can be when you are a drug addict who is trying to get a job where a pre-employment drug test must be conducted. Every company wants to hire an employee who is sober enough to help the company to realize its goals. If you’re going to secure a place in your dream job, here is a guide on how to pass a pre-employment drug test.

Natural Detoxification

image of detox drinksWhen you know the type of test the employer carries, you will be able to use the best means possible to pass the test. Natural detoxification can be very useful if you complete it about 30 to 55 days before the pre-employment test is conducted. Natural detoxification is very useful, especially for marijuana smokers. Natural detoxification is done by abstinence from drugs, drinking a lot of water and doing regular physical exercises. By observing the above practices, your body will naturally start its detoxification process. Also, remember that natural cleansing requires you to accompany all with proper diet.

Understand the Test

The first thing to do is to try and understand the type of drug Test the employee is going to conduct. There are many ways of conducting pre-employment drug tests. The most common test is urine analysis and the guys at have come up with a list of the best synthetic urine to beat the urine drug test. Although other companies do drug tests on hair, saliva, and blood, still most prefer urine. Once you apprehend the way they conduct their experiments, you will be able to evade being ruled out.

Detoxification Program

You can pass the test by cleansing your body through a detoxification program. The program is very much useful if it is conducted one week before the test. If your invitation has been served you two weeks before the actual date, you can do it successfully. This program is preferred by many because it is speedy compared to the natural means. A detoxification program speeds up your body’s natural cleansing. The program can play a significant role in getting rid your THC in your bloodstream within a week. You can find the best institution that offers these programs so that you can enroll. One good advantage with these programs is that they come with testing kits that help to verify whether you are clean or not.

Foul Play

If the employee prefers taking urine analysis, you can pass by playing foul. Although it is risky, you can try using another person’s urine that is drug-free. Playing foul can cost you because they will conclude that you are not trustworthy. If they allow you to the toilet alone, you can use another person’s urine.

Soap and Bleach

hair bleachYou can also pass your pre-employment test by using soap and a bleaching agent. At times, dishwasher detergents can bring negative results during the test. However, this may mess you up since it forms bubbles when transferred to another test-tube. The bubbles may raise concern, and it can mess you up from the beginning.

To conclude, if you are called upon to get tested the very day you receive an invitation for an interview, you can do the cleansing the same day. You can buy certain detoxification drinks from online stores to flush your entire system on the very day the test is conducted. The drinks can keep your drug free for up to six hours.…

Things that you need to know to become an effective weight loss coach

There are millions of people in the United States who are obese, and most of them are trying their best to lose weight. Well, this is just in the US. What about those overweight people in the other parts of the world? If we are going to put the number together, it will surely sum up to billions!

Out of these billions of people who are suffering from obesity, many of them want to shed the extra weight. But the thing is, they don’t know where and how to start. There are also some people who need someone to motivate them. So, how can you make a difference? If you are in the medical field, then you can be a weight loss coach. With this, you will be able to educate people and make them aware of how important it is to have a healthy weight.

Weight loss coach

You may be wondering what a weight loss coach does. Is he there just to tell you what to do? Or, would there be some type of training that is supervised by the coach?


djd784First of all, the main role of a weight loss coach is to educate people who are struggling with obesity. You have to make them understand the reasons why they are overweight and what they need to do to get out of it.

Before you can become a coach that specializes in losing weight, you have to educate yourself too. You may have to undergo training. This way, you will be more confident when you are already out there helping out your clients. You have to know all the factors that cause obesity, so you will be able to explain this to the people who are in need of your assistance. Most importantly, you should be able to help them find the best weight loss solution.

With that said, here are things that you should study so you can become an effective weight loss coach.


Once you become a coach, your clients will surely ask you which type of supplement they can take to help them lose weight. You can recommend the use of ketogenic supplements. This is because these pills will help put the body in the state of ketosis or the increase of ketone bodies in the tissues. If there is a high level of ketone bodies, then it means that there is a low level of carbohydrates. This will then result in weight loss.



Another thing that you should know as a weight loss coach is the right type of food that you can recommend your clients to stick to if they want to drop their weight. You can advise them to eat foods that are rich in fiber.


As a coach, it is also important that you are knowledgeable about the different types of exercise that you can tell your clients to perform depending on their needs and health condition.…